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DTA Nominated Charity for 2020

Prostate Cancer Information

Throughout 2020 DTA will be supporting the Prostate Cancer UK charity and we encourage you to donate £1 when you pay your subscription to DTA in December. Prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50 and the risk increases with age. The risk is even higher for black men and men with a family history of prostate cancer.

Gabriella Bailey, Head of Community Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, said: "We're so grateful that DTA have chosen to help raise vital funds for Prostate Cancer UK throughout 2020. The money raised will help us fund research for real change, from more effective testing to better treatments. Currently one man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer in the UK. That's more than 11,500 men a year and by 2030, prostate cancer is set to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer of all in the UK. We need to turn the game around for men and make prostate cancer a disease that the next generation of men do not fear. We thank DTA for joining the fight."

If you would like to donate to Prostate Cancer UK, click on the button below. You can do more than just donate, there are numerous events throughout the UK that you can get involved in including walks, runs, cycling, golf or if you're really adventurous how about a skydive?  Visit www.prostatecanceruk.org to find out more. Last year DTA members kindly donated £344 to Den-Tech charity, please help us to raise more awareness and funds to improve the future for men and their families affected by prostate cancer.

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