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A Proud Heritage


DTA former board members


DTETAB Board members, circa 1990

Back row, L to R: Graham Phillips, Robin Huggett, Bill Courtney, Harry Eastwood & David Smith

Front row, L to R Terry Foad, Colin Lee, Ray Cox & Helen Cox

In 1984 the General Dental Council took the bold step to establish the Dental Technicians Education & Training Advisory (DTETAB) with a remit to review and make recommendations about the education and training of dental technicians, the suitability of that training and how it fitted with the demands of providing dental services at that time. *  A major part of the role of DTETAB was maintaining the Voluntary Register of Dental Technicians, the forerunner of the statutory register.


The inaugural meeting of the Board took place in January 1986 and was chaired by Margaret Seward (later Dame Margaret Seward).   The GDC was clear that its active involvement would be for three years only.


In 1989 DTETAB became an independent body, with responsibility for running and financing the organisation.  Strong leadership from Colin Lee, a dental technician and laboratory owner from north west England secured the Board’s future. The DTA management team has been supported by Ray Cox (1989 - 1992), Sue Adams (1992 - 2019) and the current incumbent is Rebecca Kinahan.


DTETAB was renamed as the Dental Technicians Assocation in 2002, in readiness for a slightly different role post statutory registration. 


Since 2012 the organisation has been known as the Dental Technologists Association.


* This text has been reproduced with the kind permission of the Dental Technician publication