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ECPD - preparing your Personal Development Plan


Enhanced Continuing Professional Development started on 1 August for all dental care professionals.


In a nutshell the changes are:


You will have seen the General Dental Council's diagram - plan, do, reflect, record model, and central to the new system will be the requirement for a Personal Development Plan or PDP.


ECPD - Detail


What is a PDP?
It's a flexible plan that helps you plan your CPD that links to your day to day job.

Where to start?
Download or view the DTA PDP template on the website – here – you'll be able to see the headings and start thinking about the logistics of writing your own PDP to meet your own requirements.

Consider what sort of CPD you need to support your particular job in the laboratory.   For example, if you work in a crown and bridge lab and there are plans to go digital this is something you would want to know about and could feature in the plan for the year.  Another example might be, if you are a clinical dental technician and seeing patients you may want to go on a customer care or professionalism course and this could then feature on your PDP.

Having thought about your needs for the coming year, start to fill in the PDP – you can do this online or print off the form and fill it in.


The headings and examples of how to complete each section:



What do I need to learn or maintain for this cycle?


Maintain my skills and knowledge of dental technology.

How does this relate to my field of work?


I need to keep up to date with the development and placing on the market of custom made dental devices.

Which development outcome does it link to?


A, B, C or D — or it might be combination of more than one.

How will I meet this learning or maintenance need?


Carry out recommended CPD for dental technicians, selected from The Technologist or Articulate.


My annual target = X hours of verifiable CPD.

What benefit will this have to my work?


Ensure that I am aware of developments in design and manufacture of custom made dental devices and supporting colleagues (team working).


When will I complete this activity?


Annual review and declaration on eGDC 20…


Don't forget


Having a PDP in place assures the GDC that your CPD activity supports your work as a dental professional. Beyond this, the details within the PDP are not evaluated by the GDC.


For further information visit:  https://www.gdc-uk.org/professionals/cpd/enhanced-cpd


*If you are midway through your cycle you need to check the GDC's transitional arrangements using the online tool @  www.gdc.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/ecpdtool