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5th September 2017Product News :: The crown that rules them all

The crown that rules them all - For a strong and esthetic restoration that you can trust, discover the high-translucency, multilayered full-contour zirconia (FCZ) implant crown from Nobel Biocare.

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FCZ ImplantFor a strong and esthetic restoration that you can trust, discover the high-translucency, multilayered full-contour zirconia (FCZ) implant crown from Nobel Biocare.


A monolithic material, it significantly reduces the risk of porcelain chipping. The full-contour properties also deliver outstanding esthetics, for natural-looking restorations your dentists and their patients will be delighted with.


About the FCZ, lab owner Daniel Rosa commented:

“One of the first things that struck me was the accuracy offered by the NobelProcera production, right down to the occlusal detail.

“The only word that comes to mind is ‘exact’. Basically, whatever we design is then exactly transferred digitally by our NobelProcera 2G Scanner and exactly reproduced back into the physical world in zirconia via the NobelProcera milling centers.
“I know some technicians have concerns about the esthetics of full-contour products like this, but I’d suggest they reserve judgment with this one until they’ve tried it. With creative staining techniques, the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown can be made to look good in most situations.”

Nobel Biocare is delighted to have extended the FCZ range of solutions to now include implant bridges. Find out more today.

For more information about Nobel Biocare, please call 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


31st August 2017Andrea Johnson Two Peaks Glen Cova sponsored walk - more information

Andrea Johnson is to take part in the Two Peaks Glen Cova sponsored walk in aid of Den-Tech


Aim: To raise funds for Den-Tech to support the provision of dental laboratory services to the homeless of the UK and to help provide dental lab facilities in developing countries such as Uganda and Cambodia.

Date of event: 7th October 2017.

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Glen ClovaIt is planned that we will arrive on site on Friday 6 October to relax and chat over a drink or meal; everyone will be briefed on the final details of the walk at this time.

The event: This walk will be around 11 miles over rough and steep terrain taking in 2 popular peaks of over 3000 feet (Munro Height).

The mountains are easily accessible from Glen Clova Hotel which we will use as a base. Glen Clova is situated in Angus and is one of the most dramatic and picturesque Glens in Scotland.

Glen Clova is about 25 miles north of Dundee which has the area’s main rail link; other stations are Perth, about 30 miles to the west, and Montrose, about 25 miles to the east. The nearest town is Kirriemuir at the foot of the Angus glens and was home to JM Barrie the Author of Peter Pan.

Kirriemuir was also the birth place of former AC DC front-man Robert “Bon” Scott.

The route will start at the ranger station and follow an old drivers’ road “The Kilbo Path” to gain the height of the plateau, there will then be a peak on the Left “Driesh” which will be the first ascent, and returning to the path directly ahead will be the second peak “Mayar”. Heading due North we will then descend via the face of “Corrie Fee” next to the waterfall into the bowl carved out by glaciation.

Onwards, we will go through the forest to a rough road heading towards another drivers’ road and across to head back to the rangers station via “Jocks Road”.

In the event of severe weather there will be an alternative route keeping off the high ground.

We will block book accommodation for the Friday and Saturday nights in the climbers’ cabins, details can be found on the Clova Hotel website http://www.clova.com.

OS maps are as follows OS Explorer Active - 53 - Lochnagar, Glen Muick & Glen Clova 1:10000 scale.
BUDGET: To take part there is a non refundable deposit required of £60 pounds. This is to cover the costs of booking the climbers cabins. Own arrangements for transport should be made, although it is hoped those arriving by train can be picked up by one of the organising staff.


Covering Letter (pdf, new tab/window)


Sponsor Form (pdf, new tab/window)



29th August 2017Andrea Johnson to take part in the Two Peaks Glen Cova sponsored walk in aid of Den-Tech

Den-Tech is a brilliant and unique charity that has been set up by Andrea and a few other fellow technicians to help restore both the quality of life and dignity of those who cannot afford, or do not have access to good quality dental care both in the UK and in developing countries.

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Andrea JohnsonThis is her charity and passion as she strongly believes that everyone DESERVES to look and feel normal and to be able to eat and speak well.


Andrea will be participating in the Two Peaks Glen Clova sponsored walk to raise money for Den-Tech on 7 October. To sponsor Andrea and Den-Tech please go to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/den-tech


For more information about the charity visit www.den-tech.org


24th August 2017TALKING ABOUT CANCER: reducing risk, early detection and mythbusting

Join Cancer Research UK’s free online cancer awareness course now!


Did you know that around 4 in 10 cases of cancer in the UK could be prevented?

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At Cancer Research UK we think it’s essential for all health workers, including dental staff, to feel confident and well-equipped to talk openly with patients about cancer risk factors, and signs and symptoms. Knowing what to say and how to say it can make a real difference to you and your patients.


Our free online course Talking About Cancer: reducing risk, early detection and mythbusting has proved to be a huge success in building health professionals’ confidence and “know-how” to:

Separate myths from facts
Explore people’s cancer awareness, attitudes and barriers
Encourage those around them to take positive action for their health


Over 7500 people worldwide have already taken part – join us to gain practical skills and resources for having conversations that could help save lives. Watch the course trailer to find out more.


Talking About Cancer is led by our expert trainers Gwen Kaplan and Gill Kilgour, drawing on their years of experience as nurses. You’ll learn through quizzes, articles, interactive discussion and video scenarios demonstrating conversational dos and don’ts.


Here’s what some a couple of previous participants have said about how it’s benefitted them:


“The course has surpassed my expectations not only for the valuable information related to cancer and awareness, also to the transferable ideas and tools provided…I feel much more confident in talking about cancer with others“

- Debbie, health professional


“I believe passionately that a course like this, that encourages people to be open about health issues and points the way to reliable resources, can save lives”

- Barbara, person affected by cancer



Sign up now at cruk.org/talkingaboutcancer
Takes around 3 hours, at your own pace
Works on mobile, tablet or desktop


22nd August 2017The event with 'Wow' factor - London Symposium

Nobel Biocare is delighted to announce an outstanding programme for the London Symposium this November.

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Presenting a real 'wow' factor, the speaker line-up alone demonstrates the high calibre of the event, with confirmed speakers including:


Tomas Albrektsson, Sweden

Markus Blazt, USA

Ruben Davoo, Spain

Andrew Dawood, UK

Richard Elliot, UK

Wail Girgis, UK

Stefan Holst, Switzerland

Robin Horton, UK

Jennifer Huntley, UK

Pascal Kunz, Switzerland

Ian Lane, UK

Ashley Latter, UK

Kevin Lockhead, UK

Scott MacLean, USA

Paulo Malo, Portugal

Guy McLellan, UK

Jose Navarro, UK and Spain

Paul O'Reilly, Ireland

Isabella Rocchietta, UK

Riz Syed, UK

Susan Tanner, UK


For more information visit our Events Page (member login required)


16th August 2017Dental Technicians Increase Scope of Practice Course

This is a Lecture /Hands on course presented by Bill Sharpling aimed at Technicians and DCP.

27th September 2017, Kettering.

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This new 1 day course with Bill Sharpling has been designed to provide dental technicians and DCPs with an introduction to acquiring new skills relating to their increased scope of practice. The course will be a mixture of theory and hands-on training.


For more details please visit the Events Page on this website (member login required)


15th August 2017Update from the GDC on Enhanced Continuing Professional Development

With four months to go before launch, we continue to raise awareness about Enhanced Continuing Professional Development (ECPD). As of 1 January 2018 for dentists and 1 August 2018 for dental care professionals, the following changes to continuing professional development will take place...

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  • An increase in the number of verifiable hours for some registrant types and the requirement to spread the hours more evenly across the five-year cycle;
    • dentists - 100 hours,
    • dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians - 75 hours and
    • dental nurses and dental technicians – 50 hours.
  • The reduction of CPD hours overall for all dental professionals, due to the removal of non-verifiable CPD;
  • The need to make a mandatory annual declaration of the CPD hours that have been carried out which meet the requirements;
  • The requirement of a Personal Development Plan which details planned CPD to be undertaken and the associated GDC learning outcomes;
  • A log of completed activity, including date, number of hours and which learning outcome it covered;
  • The collected evidence (e.g. a certificate) for each activity.

To avoid confusion during transition we have developed an online tool which provides a summary of CPD requirements for those in mid cycle when the enhanced CPD scheme starts. This tool will tell you have many hours of CPD you need to carry out in the current and new scheme. All you need to know is what CPD cycle you are on. After this CPD year is complete and your hours have been declared, you will also be able to log into eGDC to check the exact numbers of hours you need to complete for your cycle.


We are currently developing some other information to help you understand the new requirements for ECPD and are working on the responses from the consultation on our guidance for registrants and CPD providers, and the personal development plan. We intend to publish these documents in the autumn.


Read our frequently asked questions on our website at www.gdc-uk.org/professionals/cpd/enhanced-cpd



14th August 2017Dental Technicians / Dentists Conference - October 2017

This is a Lecture course aimed at Dentists and Dental Technicians
Presented by Finlay Sutton, Andrea Johnson, Kash Qureshi, Ashley Byrne, and Phil Jevon

Keynote Sessions: Producing Beautiful Dentures with Fantastic Function

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Course Aim
Keynote Sessions: Producing Beautiful Dentures with Fantastic Function. Removable prosthodontics: This will be a very practical and clinically useful presentation; abundantly illustrated with photographs and videos showing how Finlay and his dental technician, Rowan Garstang, produce removable dental prostheses with superb function and aesthetics.

Parallel sessions will be running offer delegates the opportunity to update their knowledge on Cross Infection, Medical Emergencies/CPR, Hands on impression taking and Digital Dentistry.


For more information and to book please see our Events Page (member login required)



The British Association of Dental Nurses, the UK’s professional association for dental nurses, joined the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and other prominent dental associations in condemning the decision of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation not to vaccinate boys against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

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Girls aged 12-13 have been vaccinated against HPV on the NHS since 2008, and boys are vaccinated in eleven other countries; but the JCVI’s recent interim statement suggests that boys in the UK will not receive the same protection, despite the fact that HPV causes 5% of all cancers. 2,000 men a year in the UK, almost half of whom will die from the condition within five years, are diagnosed with an HPV-related cancer. The statement recognizes that “HPV vaccine in boys ……would provide those vaccinated with direct protection against HPV infection and associated disease” but rejects vaccination of boys on the grounds that it would not be “a cost effective use of health service resources in the UK setting”. The JCVI decision was made despite the fact that a recent survey of FGDP(UK), BDA and BMA members showed that 97% of dentists and 94% of GPs backed vaccination of boys.


HPV Action, of which BADN is a member, disputes the cost-effective rationale, estimating that vaccinating boys would cost no more than £22m a year, and that existing secondary care costs of treating HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer alone are likely to exceed £21m. Peter Baker, HPV Action Campaign Director, said “It is astonishing that the Government’s vaccination advisory committee has ignored advice from patient organisations, doctors treating men with HPV-related cancers, public health experts and those whose lives have been devastated by HPV. The interim decision not to vaccinate boys is about saving money not public health or equity. HPV Action will continue to make the case for a national vaccination programme that protects men and women equally and will be calling on ministers to make the right decision if the JCVI continues along its current path . There may also be grounds for a legal challenge on the grounds that a decision to leave boys and men at risk breaches equality law.”


BADN President Jane Dalgarno said “BADN supports the HPV Action campaign and calls upon its members to lobby their MPs to make them aware of the seriousness of this matter.”


7th August 2017Brand new charity Den-Tech launches

Den-Tech is the brain child of dental technicians Andrea Johnson and Andrew Sinclair who after visiting Uganda with a clinically orientated dental charity realised that there was a great need for quality dental technology services in the country and other developing countries like it.

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The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) they have set up is designed to relieve poverty by the provision of affordable dental appliances to those patients who are in need and unable to afford such items and in furtherance of this, to provide training, mentoring and education for dental technicians in developing countries to enable them to supply appropriate quality dental appliances. This is also in addition to supporting those most needy within our own country - the homeless.

There are many charities which provide the incredibly valuable service of ‘dental pain clinics’ but no real provision for the restoration of the dentition thereafter. This can leave patients with large gaps where teeth have been extracted meaning that they can quite often struggle to eat and chew their food well, to speak properly and to look and feel normal.

Andrea and Andrew felt very passionately that this should not continue and that if they could set up a high quality, supported working and training dental laboratory in the country they could help provide not only a little help now but a legacy of support and training that could be a leg up to the native people and not just a temporary hand out.

Den-TechThey set up their charity called Den-Tech in 2017 and have enlisted a board of trustees who are equally as passionate about using their skills and resources to help out those less fortunate. The board of trustees now comprises of Andrea Johnson, Andrew Sinclair, Delroy Reeves, Edward Mapley, Jade Oakes Stott and Robert Williams, you can view brief biographies of the trustees on Den-Techs website https://www.den-tech.org/

This drive and enthusiasm has now extended to helping out those less fortunate in the UK, the homeless. This new project in addition to the existing overseas ones has received a fantastic amount of support from the dental technician community who are pulling together to provide a full range of dental technology services free to those most vulnerable and needy in our society.

Our wonderful flagship supporters Blueprint dental who have already donated and continue to donate an incredible amount of dental materials and equipment on behalf of their customers have now put their full weight and resources into helping this project to succeed. It can only go from strength to strength.

It is also only through the generosity companies such as Blueprint Dental, DB orthodontics, John Winter, Schottlander and WHW and of course the brilliant community of dental technicians around the country that can make this charity a success, so from the bottom of our hearts we, the Den-Tech trustees thank you and look forward to us all achieving great things together in the months and years to come.
We are now looking for additional volunteers from the technician sector as well as any clinicians who would like to donate their time and skills to this really worthwhile cause, especially for the UK projects.


If you would like to know more, volunteer your services, donate equipment and supplies or make a donation or get involved in a sponsored event to help raise funds please visit our website on the contact us page or email dentech.chair@gmail.com
Those that actively support us also get the exclusive use of our supporter’s logo to display on their web pages, literature, Facebook pages etc so please look out for this as you will know that each one of them is a good person/company who has gone out of their way to help make this world a better place by helping us to restore lives one smile at time.

If you would like to become one of our supporters and also receive your copy of our supporter’s logo please do not hesitate to get in touch and see in which ways you can help, it is together that we are stronger and together that we can make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Please visit us on our website: www.den-tech.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dentech1/#

LinkedIn: https://twitter.com/DenTech_charity



28th July 2017GDC suspends registration of dentist for using counterfeit and non-compliant dental equipment

The recent GDC Fitness to Practise hearing concerning a dentist’s purchase and use of counterfeit dental devices highlights the dangers to both patient and professional registration from using counterfeit and non-compliant devices. It also reinforces the need to exercise common sense and care when purchasing dental equipment and to have adequate systems in place to ensure that equipment is genuine, compliant and safe to use.

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The GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee determined that the dentist’s registration should be suspended for a period of 3 months.


Edmund Proffitt, BDIA Chief Executivecomments, “The recent GDC hearing is a stark reminder of the seriousness of using of counterfeit dental devices. It may also sound alarm bellsfor any dentists who may have purchased from unreliable sources and emphasises the importance of purchasing from reputable suppliers.”


The BDIA’saward winning Counterfeit and Sub-standard Instruments and Devices Initiative (CSIDI), operated in partnership with the MHRA, has worked hardover the last two yearsto raise the awareness of GDC registrants to the dangers of counterfeit and non-compliant dental devicesthrough its hard-hitting press and information campaign.


The BDIA recommends that all purchases, however small, are made from a reputable supplier and that all suspect instruments, and devices are reported to the appropriate authorities at the earliest opportunity. Devices can be reported at www.bdia.org.uk/device-reporting.html


The GDC Hearing Summary can be read by clicking here



 CSIDI Counterfeit Advert



The 2017 National Dental Nursing Conference will be held at the Milton Keynes Hilton on 17 and 18 November 2017.

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Conference will be opened by Postgraduate Dental Dean John Darby, and current President Jane Dalgarno will hand over the chain of office to incoming President Hazel Coey, at the Opening Ceremony.


The Conference Programme, which offers 7 hours of verifiable CPD, will include presentations on Healthy Habit Formation, Dentaid in the UK and Overseas, Dental Nursing in Oman, Dementia, Maintenance of Decontamination Equipment and two GDC speakers –Matthew Hill (Executive Director, Strategy) will be delivering a GDC Update on Friday, and Head of Standards Janet Collins will be closing the Conference Programme with a dental nurse specific presentation on Enhanced CPD, to be introduced for DCPs in August 2018, on Saturday.


Dental nurses (and other members of the dental team) can attend Conference on either or both days, with discounted rates for current BADN members. There are also special rates for student dental nurses, and anyone booking before 6 October 2017 will enjoy special Early Bird rates. Conference fees include the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Conference Programme, Conference Handbook, and e-CPD certificate, as well as refreshments and buffet lunch. There is also an optional informal dinner on Friday evening. The BADN Annual General Meeting, open to members only, will be held on Friday afternoon.


On-line registration will open at the end of July, and everyone on the BADN distribution lists will be sent an e-invitation to register. More information, and a link to the registration site, is also available at www.badn.org.uk/conference.



The BDIA is delighted to announce that its 2017 BDIA CSIDI (Counterfeits and Substandard Instruments and Devices Initiative) advertising campaign is the winner of the Highest Believability category and joint winner of the Highest Information Value category in the latest BDJ Readex Research.

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Edmund Proffitt, Chief Executive of the BDIA, comments “We are really pleased that our CSIDI campaign is having such an impact on BDJ readers. The campaign not only conveys useful and relevant information to the profession, but serves to highlight the very real and significant dangers associated with counterfeit and non-compliant instruments and devices across the dental sector.”


Partnering with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) for the CSIDI campaign reflects the BDIA’s continued commitment to tackling the issue of unscrupulous vendors selling poor quality, substandard, counterfeit and illegal products, usually online. Highlighting the importance of making the decision to purchase from reliable, reputable suppliers to the profession means that the end-user has the assurance of high-quality products that meet all necessary requirements, and will not endanger the user or patient, nor risk action from the courts or regulatory bodies.


For further information on the BDIA or CSIDI, please visit www.bdia.org.uk


21st June 2017News from the GDC - Enhanced Continuing Professional Development is on its way

At the GDC's May Council meeting, plans to introduce Enhanced Continuing Professional Development (ECPD) were approved. These are changes to the five year CPD cycle which are due to happen on 1 January 2018 if you are a dentist, and 1 August 2018 if you are a dental care professional.

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The main changes are:

  • An increase in the number of verifiable hours for some registrant types and the requirement to spread the hours more evenly across the five-year cycle.
  • The reduction of CPD hours overall for all dental professionals, due to the removal of non-verifiable CPD.
  • The need to make an annual declaration of the CPD hours you have carried out which meet the requirements.
  • The requirement for a Personal Development Plan which details planned CPD to be undertaken and associated learning outcome.
  • A log of completed activity, including date, number of hours and which learning outcome it covered.
  • The collected evidence (e.g. a certificate) for each activity.

There will be transitional arrangements for those who are mid-cycle on the changeover dates and those registrants will need to complete some CPD based on the current scheme, and some on the new scheme. More information will be available in the autumn.

The GDC have compiled some frequently asked questions about ECPD which you can view at www.gdc-uk.org/professionals/cpd/enhanced-cpd


20th June 2017New Guidance Documents available

9 New Health and Safety Guidance Documents are available for members to download on the Guidance Documents page of this website


13th June 2017FGDP(UK) supports drive to improve oral health in care homes

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) is supporting a new standards document from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on oral health promotion in care homes.

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Over 425,000 people in the UK live in care homes, and the new quality standard recommends that residents have their oral health needs assessed on admission and recorded in their personal care plans, and are supported to clean their teeth twice a day and/or their dentures daily.


Dr Paul Batchelor, a Fellow and Board-member-elect of the FGDP, Editor of the Faculty’s forthcoming guidance on dementia-friendly dental practice, and a member of the Quality Standards Advisory Committee which developed the new standard, commented:


“The degree of oral health provision in care homes is highly variable, but these basic measures – assessing, recording and daily cleaning - could significantly improve the health and quality of life of residents, and should be applied universally.”


NICE published a clinical guideline on the oral health of adults in care homes last year, and has also produced a quick guide resource for care home managers on improving residents’ oral health.



13th June 2017DTA Fellowship Presented to Ashley Byrne

Congratulations to Ashley Byrne who was presented with a DTA Fellowship at the recent BDA Honours and Awards Gala dinner.


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Ashley Byrne - Fellowship AwardAshley Byrne was presented with a DTA Fellowship by James Green, President, at the BDA Honours and Awards Gala dinner in Manchester on 26th May.


26th May 2017Dentaid thanks DTA members

DTA have received a letter from Dentaid thanking us for our donation to them


Click here to read the pdf version


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