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12th April 2019DTA President's April blog is now available

The DTA President's April blog can be read by going to www.dta-uk.org/presidents-blog.php


1st April 2019Help your team become exceptional

It’s important for technicians in laboratories to be able to reach their full potential.


Why not ensure that your team have all of the skills they need to truly succeed with one of the dental technician training courses from Nobel Biocare?

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Nobel Biocare NobelProceraHosted around the country, these hands-on sessions give technicians the chance to become familiar with state-of-the-art design software as well as learn how to make truly individualized restorations. These include abutments, crowns, bridges, implant bridges, implant bars and many other prosthetic components that facilitate outstanding results in different clinical indications.


The courses also provide a wonderful chance for professionals to get to grips with various workflows such as learning the correct sequencing for scanning, designing and ordering cases from the NobelProcera™ centralized production facility.


Help your team reach the next level by contacting Nobel Biocare today.

For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


20th March 2019European Summit on Dento Facial Aesthetics and Advanced Dentistry

September 4-5, 2019 Paris, France


The convention is organized with the theme “Fostering the Future Excellence of Dentistry Trends for Today’s Lifestyle”.


ADVANCED DENTISTRY-2019 event will focus on variety of Dento-Facial Aesthetics and Advanced Dentistry topics, such Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Oral Implantology, Oral Cancer, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Veterinary Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental aesthetics, Facial aesthetics, Restorative Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral Appliance Therapy, 3-D Imaging in Dentistry, Dental Marketing through invited plenary lectures, symposia , workshops, invited sessions and oral and poster sessions of unsolicited contributions.

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Advanced Dentistry -2019 is a platform that permits the dedicated and devoted dental professionals to explore their knowledge, their experience, and their achievements in an advanced way. It is to discuss a new and innovative Technologies that the dentistry field has perceived during recent years, which will drive the Dental community one standard up. Dental technology is growing so fast these days, permitting dentists the capabilities that they had never thought possible even just a few years ago. Now a day, people can expect to experience the very best of what modern-day dentistry has to offer. Today, we have many cutting-edge tools in order to deliver even a higher-quality care.

Conference Link: https://www.longdom.com/advanceddentistry


20th March 2019Develop your career with postgraduate qualifications

Chet Geisel will be presenting “Post-registration qualifications in dental technology. What are your options?” as part of the CDT Conference at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2019. As the title suggests, he will be exploring the various training courses professionals can attend in order to develop their knowledge and skills and encourage their career progression. He says:

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Chet Geisel“It’s crucial for dental technicians to keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape: technologies, techniques and, of course, materials change in a constant cycle. It is important to keep up-to-date in order to be able to maintain best practice.


“Postgraduate dental technology qualifications are recognised within the NHS, so dental technicians working in a hospital environment will be able to work towards higher banded posts. For those focusing on more private work, these qualifications will serve to enhance their skills and give way to greater job opportunities in the future.


“There are a few challenges when aiming to complete postgraduate qualifications. Cost is the main issue; there is a mixed bag of funding sources for students on an MSc, with some funding available through their department and some self-funding required. In addition, time can be a major challenge, as fitting coursework around day-to-day lab work can be difficult. The benefits of some courses are therefore in the delivery mode – online and blended learning programmes can work around this and provide a practical solution.


“When it comes to choosing what courses are best for you, there is a balance to be achieved. This includes total cost to yourself, the amount of time needed (especially for those with busy lives!) and forseeable benefits once the qualification is obtained.


“My lecture will discuss all these aspects mentioned in more detail and, in particular, I will explore training delivery methods, such as online and blended learning.”


DTS 2019 will be held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May
at the NEC in Birmingham, co-located with the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show.

For further details, visit www.the-dts.co.uk, call 020 7348 5270
or email dts@closerstillmedia.com



Hamamatsu 12th March 2019 - DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation, has made a memorable start to the International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 by today unveiling its updated corporate branding and announcing an exciting milestone in the company’s continued growth.

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DG ShapeSpeaking on the DGSHAPE booth in Hall 3.1, Dana Curtis, DGSHAPE Global Brand Manager, comments “We launched our new DGSHAPE brand at IDS 2017 to establish the DGSHAPE company as the future of Roland DG dental and 3D products businesses. As DGSHAPE we deliver the same excellence of build quality, reliability and technical innovation as we have always done, with the added benefit to our users that now as a business focused purely on dental and 3d technologies, we aremore agile and pioneering than ever, delivering future-focused solutions which in turn enable our users to innovate their businesses.”

Curtis adds “The addition of ‘A Roland Company’ to our branding reflects the relationship between DGSHAPE and our parent company, Roland DG.Our customers and stakeholders can see that DGSHAPE is more than a product and that we are exploring new business models and new market solutions.”

Over the last two years the DGSHAPE business has grown at an impressive rate. At IDS 2017, the business announced it had shipped 5,000 units worldwide. At IDS 2019 it has doubled this success, with the 10,000th unit being shipped during the show.Curtis comments“Are we the fastest growing brand in this sector? It’s always difficult to quantify, but I would be surprised if anyone can rival us in this respect. Affordable, compact and scalable trusted digital solutions are where the industry is heading and we are at the forefront of this exciting trend with our technology.”

Also speaking at the show, Hisashi Bito, DGSHAPE President, concludes “Roland DG Corporation released the first benchtop milling machine in 1987 with the PNC-3000 as part of the “CAMM-3” line. 30 years later the company decided that these products, fuelled by successful new markets such as Dental, would benefit greatly from unique emphasis and a dedicated team. The results are clear: in consolidated financial results for 2018, DGSHAPE products show a 12.3% increase in revenue year over year. We feel our updated branding reflects our identity and success as an independent company.”

IDS takes place in Cologne, Germany from 12th -16th March 2019. Find DGSHAPE in Hall 3.1, Booth L030 / M029.



6th March 2019Innovations on show at DTS

Carestream Dental will once again return to exhibit at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS).


This is the ideal opportunity for technicians to discover the state-of-the-art design software and other innovations that Carestream Dental has to offer.

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CS 3600 Intraoral ScannerThe CS 3600 intraoral scanner will take centre stage, and technicians will learn how this innovative piece of technology will help aid collaboration with referring dentists and help enhance restoration quality.


A vibrant exhibition that draws thousands of laboratory professionals each year – the team at Carestream Dental can’t wait to see you at DTS in May!

For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit www.carestreamdental.co.uk
For the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @CarestreamDentl and Facebook


1st March 2019Software that streamlines the workflow leads to success

Streamlining the workflow not only enables dental laboratories to provide a high-quality product and service to clients, it also contributes to the business’s success. With excellent software available nowadays, it is easier than ever to have a streamlined workflow.

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DTX Studio

The DTX Studio™ design software by Nobel Biocare is a powerful tool for streamlining laboratory processes. It is an easy-to-use single digital platform that connects the workflow from beginning to end. Technicians are guided through the workflow in a logical order, following a simple design process, and they can jump back and forth during the process to ensure an optimum final outcome.


This software helps with laboratory-clinician collaboration, prosthetic design and production. It also offers enhanced data sharing, which means that temporary restorations can be quickly provided to clients. Access to detailed patient case data enables technicians to design restorations in the way that they prefer and they can stay up-to-date with any changes along the way.


To discover how the software can maximize your efficiency and save you time, contact the Nobel Biocare team today.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


28th February 2019Dental Technician Vacancy - Bedfordshire

A Dental Technician is required at Dentcare Dental Lab Ltd UK in Bedfordshire.


For more information and contact details please visit the Jobs page on this website


18th February 2019Dentists without legal representation face much tougher sanctions at General Dental Council (GDC) hearings

Dental Protection Press Release


The results of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the General Dental Council (GDC) by Dental Protection demonstrate how important it is for dental professionals to have legal and dento-legal support when faced with GDC proceedings.


Nearly two-thirds (63%) of dentists erased from the register following a GDC hearing in 2018 did not have any legal representation. In contrast, 9 in 10 dentists (92%) werefound not to be impaired intheir Fitness To Practice (FTP)had legal representation when they appeared before the GDC.They continued to practise without any sanction.

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This data emphasises the need for dentists to be supported by a dental defence organisation that will protect their interests before the GDC.

Dental Protection regularly defends members on a wide range of matters, providing a significant level of support from experienced dento-legal consultants and representation from lawyers specialising in supporting members in FTP cases.

Dental Protection assists members on different matters including personal conduct matters at GDC hearings. It is not unusual for the cost of defending a dentist at a hearing to amount to just under £100,000 when a GDC investigation leads to a hearing.

Having specialist legal representation is important throughout all stages of an investigation and not just forthe hearing. Early engagement with the team of specialist advisers at Dental Protection will oftenmean that hearings, or even warnings, may be avoided altogether. This could also involve bringing legal proceedings against the GDC on behalf of a member. For instance, in late 2018, Dental Protection brought Judicial Review proceedings against the GDC’s decision to issue a warning to a Dental Protection member whohad committed a minor driving offence. In this case, Dental Protection successfully argued that a GDC warning would be a disproportionate and unfair sanction by the regulator in these circumstances.

Other defence organisations or insurers may decline assistance to a dentistwhere it is a personal conduct matter. This would mean that the dentist would have had to pay personally for this legal support and the cost can be prohibitively expensive.


Raj Rattan, Dental Director at Dental Protection, said:
“These figures released by the GDC show just how important it is to have a good defence team if you are the subject of a GDC investigation.

“Dental Protection regularly supports dentists before the GDC andwe knowhow disturbingit can be. The investigation process can be lengthy and very distressing for dentists who fear that their reputation and professional livelihood can be at stake.This is the reason why Dental Protection supports dentists throughout all stages of a GDC investigation including the hearing by providing the best possible legal support from our teamwhich includes experienceddento-legal consultants,expert lawyers, and other professionals who are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our members and providing the highest service standards.”


8th February 2019DTA President's February blog is now available

The DTA President's February blog is now available on this website.


Full of lots of useful information, please click here to read the blog now


6th February 2019Materials that deliver

The NobelProcera® Full-Contour Zirconia (FCZ) Implant Crown and Bridge from Nobel Biocare helps you deliver on your clients’ and their patients’ expectations.

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Nobel Mulitlayered FCZThe multilayered zirconia product is sent to your lab in its final shape so it only requires finishing touches for a quick and efficient workflow. Amazing occlusal detail and high translucency deliver a life-like esthetic, plus, it is suitable for screw- or cement-retained restorations ensuring ultimate restorative flexibility that offers every patient a solution.


For full contour, full strength and full esthetics, discover the FCZ Implant Crown and Bridge from Nobel Biocare.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


1st February 2019Nominations to join the DTA Management Team are invited

Why not join the DTA Management team to help shape the future of the DTA.


Members can invite nominations by going to the Meet The Team page and downloading the Nomination Form


Nominations close on 1st May 2019


23rd January 2019Start the summer with two days of ‘essential CPD’ in Exeter

DenTeam2019 – The South-West Dental Congress –brings two days of ‘essential CPD’ to Sandy Park Conference Centre in Exeter this June, offering dental technicians their own full-day programme on Saturday 22nd while offering the core subjects and more on Friday 21st.

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In association with the DTA, the event organiser – Teamwork Professionals Ltd – says it has worked hard to put on a significant and worthwhile programme for technicians while keeping delegate fees low.

Event director, Chris Ritchie, says: “We know technicians can be reluctant to leave their labs, which is why we’re hosting the main technical programme on the Saturday. With a programme that isn’t just about chipping away at CPD quotas but rather offers a number of genuinely worthwhile sessions that can teach delegates about new technologies, techniques and offer insight intoother areas of dentistry, DenTeam is about the dental team learning together, and from each other.

“The dental team can be seen as fragmented; we want to encourage the opposite. For example, we have the former Denplan chief dental officer, Roger Matthews, kicking off both days with a look at where dentistry is headed in the next five years. Dental technicians are a key part of that future, so Roger’s keynotes should certainly be of interest. We’ll also be holding a special ‘Hot Topics’ forum to close the event, where technicians can grill our panel members on any issues of concern. It should be lively!”

Chaired by the DTA’s Barry Tivey and Delroy Reeves, the panel will include well-known lab owner and former GDC member David Smith, who earlier in the day will cover the changes coming next year to the MHRA regulations as well as detailing what technicians need to know about Enhanced CPD. In a further session, David will look at a new government-led initiative that should attract new blood into the technical workforce.

Elsewhere, VITA Master Technician TJ Nicolas will present sessions on holistic dentistry, which involves not just the whole dental team but the patient’s medical care too. Sheffield-based lab owner Andrew Taylor will be educating dentists and their nurses on how to avoid costly remakes by getting impressions right first time, as well as delivering a lecture for technicians on ‘handling impressions’.

Sean Wilkinson will cover ‘The future of immediate loading’ and will run a workshop entitled ‘Implant Planner Workflow’. James Green will tackle orthognathic procedures. TJ Nicolas will present another session on ‘Tired of being told implants are the only way to save bone…’, in which he will introduce an alternative product and technique that should be of interest to all delegates.

Chris continues: “It’s not a restricted programme – technicians and indeed all other delegates are welcome to attend any sessions they like. The nurses’ programme, for example, will include a talk on the indemnity requirements for all members of the dental team; we have an entire morning devoted to mental health; and there will be various breakout sessions and workshops, product demonstrations and more – always a selection to choose from.”

Between sessions, there will be plenty of time to browse the trade exhibition and take part in a competition to win an iPad.
Two-day passes for technicians are priced at £190 (plus VAT), which includes a hot (or cold if preferred) lunch on both days, tea and coffee throughout each day, delegate bag, event guide and proceedings, and access to any recorded sessions after the event. One-day passes are priced at £105 (plus VAT). DTA members are entitled to a 25% discount.

For full details visit www.denteamcpd.com. Registration opens on 1st February.


22nd January 2019IDS News: Shofu Dental Now in Hall 11.3 with Even More Room for Information and Communication

Clearly State of the Art: New Products for Layering, Milling and Bonding at the IDS. More spacious, open and welcoming: At the IDS 2019, Shofu Dental will be in Hall 11.3 (Booth G010/J019) for the first time with a new concept including not only product presentation and information,but also communication and customer connectivity. 

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The booth area of more than 240 square metres will provide sufficient room for new, extended and improved products, as well as a lively exchange of views with dentists, dental technicians and distribution partners. Shofu will focus on direct and CAD/CAM restorative materials, polishing, porcelain systems, and digital dental photography.


Mutual Exchange for Forward-Looking Solutions
Whether for the newly developed BeautiBond Universal multifunctional adhesive system, the innovativeShofu Disk ZR Lucent multilayer zirconia disks, the recently launched OneGloss Mpolishers, the new Beautifil Flow Plus X restorative in two viscosities, or the popular EyeSpecial C-III camera: A visit to Shofu’s booth at the IDS will definitely be worthwhile.

Since products are only as good as their users, Shofu increasingly focuses on providing practical information and tips to users in both analogue and digital formats hence a variety of new Instructions for Use and electronic tools will be available at the IDS.

“Communication in both ways, rather than one way: the motto of our new IDS booth concept. We not only wish to send messages to our customers, but also to enter into a dialogue with them and initiate a mutual exchange of viewsfor new, forward-thinking solutions,” says Martin Hesselmann, the European Managing Director of Shofu.


21st January 2019January Edition of Word of Mouth

Hello and welcome Oral Health Foundation's latest issue of Word of Mouth's digital magazine.

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The first edition of the new year includes final edition of the year includes some discussion about the new NHS Long-Term plan, and what it means for the future of oral health in England.


We also comment on some very interesting new research which links dark berries with a reduced risk of tooth decay, Dry January and a lot more that will help you better your oral health in 2019.


Click here to read Word of Mouth - January 2019


21st January 2019Obituary - George Bisterfeld

George Bisterfeld, Export Manager of Shofu Dental, has passed away at the age of 64.

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George BisterfeldGeorge joined Shofu in October 1987. With great dedication he built up the export department and developed the international Shofu business.He was a substantial part of Shofu’s success in Europe and the company it has become over the last three decades. With close ties to dealers and opinion leaders all over the world, he is a well known figure around the dental industry. George was well respected for his profound product and market knowledge, his kind personality and his great sense of humour.

In his private life, George shared his passion for travelling and different cultures with his wife Marlene, who preceded him in death. He will be sincerely missed. May he rest in peace.


16th January 2019Dental Technology Showcase 2019

DTS 2019

Don't miss the DTS 2019 being held at the NEC Birmingham on 17th & 18th May 2019


8th January 2019Oral health in the news

Your weekly bulletin of choice highlights from oral health in the news.

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4th January 2019DTA President's New Year blog is now available

The DTA President's January 2019 blog is now available to read on this website

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Please visit https://www.dta-uk.org/presidents-blog.php to read Delroy's latest news and updates.


3rd January 2019New DTS Releases

Go completely digital with confidence - DTS 2019 Sean Wilkinson

Do This Show! Do you want to see the latest and greatest dentistry has to offer?

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Go completely digital with confidence


Among the speaker line-up at DTS 2019 will be Sean Wilkinson (dental technician, lecturer and instructor at Zirkonzahn, Italy) discussing “CDD – Computer Dental Diagnostics” in the Digital & Innovation Theatre.


“My session will be ideal for those who haven't yet made the leap into completely digital workflows.


“I hope delegates will leave my lecture with a significantly improved understanding of the digital workflow developed by Zirkonzahn. I will also describe my own immediate implant loading protocol, to help delegates take their business forwards.”



Do This Show!


Do you want to see the latest and greatest dentistry has to offer?


Tired of scouring the web for what you need?


Shows come and go, but the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2019 is one you can’t afford to miss.


DTS is a wonderful opportunity for you and your team to mix with fellow professionals, get hands on demonstrations of the latest and greatest technologies, find deals and partake in some CPD. Don’t miss out!


DTS 2019 will be held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May
at the NEC in Birmingham, co-located with the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show.
For further details, visit www.the-dts.co.uk, call 020 7348 5270
or email dts@closerstillmedia.com



28th December 2018Creative collaboration - The DTX Studio™ design software

Technology has revolutionised how you collaborate with dentists – make sure this relationship stays strong with the DTX Studio™ design software from Nobel Biocare.

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Created to offer enhanced data sharing between dentist and technician, DTX Studio software allows you to design restorations the way you prefer, whilst giving you all the information you need to offer precise, highly detailed restorations.


A user-friendly interface and powerful CAD tools help to streamline your workflow, and access to more data means you can create temporary restorations in a time efficient manner, helping dentists achieve a shorter time-to-teeth for the patient.


A suitable system for technicians of all levels of experience, DTX Studio design software is accessible, intelligent and designed to form an easy link between technicians and dentists to provide patient care like never before.


Find out more about how DTX Studio™ design software can benefit your laboratory today!


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


28th December 2018December edition of Word of Mouth

From the Oral Health Foundation:

The final edition of the year includes some timely advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene as we head into the festive season. We also comment on a new study which links mental health conditions with oral health, talk to one of our many fantastic Mouth Cancer Action Month fundraisers and give information on how to avoid or treat gum disease.


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To read the December edition of Word of Mouth (new tab/window) please click the link below:


Word of Mouth - December 2018


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