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Opportunity to gain a Fellowship Award fully funded

By DTA | 2nd May 2023 | News

The DTA is in the final phase of piloting the prestigious Fellowship Award and there is currently an opportunity for you to work towards gaining a Fellowship and Master before the submission fee applies. We invite members who would like to gain recognition for their high-quality, custom-made dental devices to submit an expression of interest to

Come along and meet with our first new Fellowship Award winner, Joanne Stevenson, at the DTS this May. She will be on our stand F02 and you can ask her about the  Fellowship process, and what the Judges thought of her all-on-4 immediate load denture-to-bridge. 

The 'DTA Fellowship' and 'Master' awards have been developed to provide an opportunity for all experienced DTA members in good standing in their profession to be  acknowledged for their high-quality custom-made dental devices in their specific area of manufacturing. Members submitting for the new DTA Fellowship award are  required to have at least three-years continuous good standing in the profession and be full members of DTA. They will be required to present examples of their high- quality creations, along with good resolution images of their work alongside a written explanation and reflection on their techniques, which will be judged by a panel of  experts.

Those who have achieved the DTA Fellowship accreditation will then have an opportunity to submit for the Master Fellowship. These new DTA awards are at two levels,  and both require an initial submission of an outline expression of interest to be assessed by the DTA panel, and, if considered relevant and appropriate, then allows the  applicants to further develop their submission for the award.

The Fellowship submission in summary requires the individual's own written piece of work with a range of quality images that explains their (as dental technologists) own construction of a complex custom-made dental device/s including feedback from the prescribing clinician. This is then assessed by a panel (meeting via video link if required) during which the applicant is asked questions about their work and explains their own learning points. 

The achieving member is awarded a DTA Fellowship certificate, a neck jewel, and has also earned the right to use the prestigious post nominal of FDTA.

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