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NHS dentistry and oral health update

By DTA | 2nd July 2021 | News

An update from Sara Hurley and Ed Waller

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer and Ed Waller Director for Primary Care NHS England & NHS Improvement write in celebration of the 73rd birthday of the National Health Service which was founded on 5 July 1948:

"On 5th July 1948, the National Health Service was founded and so, this Monday, we celebrate its 73rd birthday. On the creation of the NHS, dental care became accessible for millions in need.

Since then, huge strides have been made in the nation's oral health: in 1948 more than three quarters of the adult population had no natural teeth; today this is just 6%. The series of national dental surveys, carried out since 1968, traces England's improving oral health and is testament to the dental profession's commitment to quality care and prevention. We should be incredibly proud of the role that NHS dentistry has played in achieving this.

On Monday we met with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dentistry and Oral Health. We were delighted to have the chance to talk to parliamentarians and advocate for the importance of NHS dentistry. We emphasised the superb work being done by dental professionals working in the NHS.

In this bulletin you can find updates on NHS birthday celebrations and the upcoming NHS Parliamentary Awards.

There is also information on supporting patients with learning disabilities, handling complaints, providing care to migrants and an important notice on the extension of the measure to suspend the need for patients to sign dental forms.

Best wishes,

Sara and Ed"

You can read the full bulletin here.

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