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Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting

By DTA | 16th March 2021 | News

The MHRA has played an active role in responding to the coronavirus pandemic. In relation to COVID-19 vaccines, the MHRA has authorised their supply following a rigorous review of their safety, quality and efficacy. The clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines have shown them to be effective and acceptably safe; however, as part of its statutory functions, the MHRA's role is also to continually monitor safety during widespread use of a vaccine. They have in place a proactive strategy to do this. MHRA also work closely with public health partners in reviewing the effectiveness and impact of the vaccines to ensure the benefits continue to outweigh any possible side effects.

MHRA have issued a report which summarises information received via the Yellow Card scheme, a mechanism by which anybody can voluntarily report any suspected adverse reactions or side effects to the vaccine. It is very important to note that a Yellow Card report does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused that reaction or event. MHRA ask for any suspicions to be reported, even if the reporter isn't sure if it was caused by the vaccine. 

Based on current experience, the expected benefits of both COVID-19 vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and its serious complications far outweigh any known side effects.

The MHRA report will be published regularly to include other safety investigations carried out by the MHRA under the COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Strategy.

You can read the full report here 

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