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COVID-19 vaccination programme in Scotland

By GDC | 19th February 2021 | News

For individuals who are interested in becoming vaccinators, including those with prior experience, such as retired clinicians, roles are being advertised on the NHS Scotland Recruitment website . Recruitment will be ongoing over the coming months, so please check for regular updates.

The core training to become a vaccinator can be found on the NES website .

For those in primary care, national terms and conditions have been negotiated to enable independent contractors to participate in vaccination delivery, on a sessional basis, on behalf of a NHS Scotland Board. Please contact the NHS Board in your practice area to explore these opportunities.

Volunteering in a non-clinical capacity is being coordinated by the British Red Cross. Offers to volunteer on this basis should be emailed to:

The information above can also be found on the Scottish Government website .

All other offers, such as premises, should be sent to: .

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