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COVID-19 response: England will move to Plan B

By DTA | 9th December 2021 | News

What has changed

The government has announced that England will move to Plan B in response to the risks of the Omicron variant.

This means:

  • From 10 December, face coverings will be required by law in most indoor settings.
  • From 13 December office workers who can work from home should do so.
  • From 15 December, certain venues and events will be required by law to check that all visitors aged 18 years or over are fully vaccinated, have proof of a negative test in the last 48 hours, or have an exemption.

Covid-19 recent and upcoming changes for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales 

How to stay safe and help prevent the spread 

Read the Prime Minister's Press Release.


The NHS COVID Pass lets you share your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination results in a secure way. It allows you to show others that you've had a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine when travelling abroad to some countries or territories.

If you have been vaccinated twice you can now get your NHS COVID Pass electronically or by letter.

You can use the pass if you're travelling abroad, or going to an event, and need proof you've had your COVID-19 vaccination.

Who can use this service

You can use this service if the following apply:

  • you've had 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
  • you had your vaccination in England
  • you're aged 16 or over

You can use this service 2 weeks after you've had your 2nd dose.

If you were vaccinated as part of a trial, you can get an NHS COVID Pass exemption.

An NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results. This is your COVID-19 status.

You may be asked to show your pass to get into some events, where the COVID Pass is being trialled, or to travel abroad.

How to get your NHS COVID Pass

There are different ways to get a COVID Pass.

You can get a digital version using the NHS App or NHS website. You can download it as a PDF or get it sent to you in an email.

or you can get a paper version (vaccination status only), this will be sent to you in the post.

For more information or to apply for a NHS Covid pass throughout the UK click on the relevant link below:




Northern Ireland 

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