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CPD - Continued Professional Development

By DTA | 12th March 2021 | News

 With over 4 hours of CPD in The Technologist:

  • Ceramic Viewpoint; 
  • Managing the return to normal;
  • Standards and accountability Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll; 
  • Toothwear; and
  • Back to Basics: repair of a partial denture, strengthened with mesh

and 1 hour CPD from Articulate:

  • Digital Solutions & Dental Technology Evolutions

The DTA produce over 20 hours of verifiable CPD annually that provides lifelong learning specific to dental technologists' needs and including core subjects, free to all our members. We recommend that dental technicians complete at least 10 hours of CPD per cycle year and it is important to select CPD that is related to your specific field of practice and development goals. Our editorial team works diligently to ensure that our CPD meets the GDC's quality criteria.

Our publications are also available to view online within the members' area. CPD is available online for a full calendar year from the publication date and at the point of registration, all new members will have access to 20+ CPD hours from previous issues.

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