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Essential Employer Branding Strategies for Dental Laboratory's

By DTA | 21st July 2022 | Blog

Dental Technician Jobs: Essential Employer Branding Strategies for Dental Laboratory's

Effective branding is essential when it comes to ensuring that your dental lab stands out from the crowd and is able to attract the very best talent possible. Reputation has never been more critical, with 86% of workers stating they would not apply for a role at a company with negative reviews.

However, when it comes to ensuring your dental lab is able to attract the very best dental technicians , what can you do to improve your branding? We thought we would take a closer look.

What is employer branding?

Before we look at some of the best strategies to improve your employer branding, it is first important to understand what it is. This branding is effectively your reputation amongst your employees and how they perceive your organization.

When it comes to dental technician jobs , a strong and positive employer branding strategy will make it far easier to market your laboratory to attract the very best dental technicians . Of course, a strong brand identity does not only help attract the very best workers, but it can also help you to retain your existing staff.

How does employer branding help attract the best dental technicians?

No matter the size of your laboratory, employer branding is essential in helping you to stand out from the crowd. While remuneration is still the number one thing dental technician  job seekers look for when applying for a new role, the last few years have seen a shift in expectations.

Candidates are now looking for employers who are able to provide a better work/life balance, are diverse and inclusive, and are offering more than purely financial incentives. Having solid employer branding helps to showcase to these recruits that your dental lab is a forward-thinking organization that supports its employees.

How can you develop your employer branding?

There can be no denying the many benefits that come from strong employer branding, but how can you develop yours? Here are some of the most effective ways to improve your dental laboratory branding:

1) Know your value

The first thing that you need to consider is what your value proposition is. Focusing on your mission statement, vision, and company culture will help you to identify your current strengths as well as areas where you can improve.

2) Conduct an audit

Of course, one of the most effective methods of understanding where you can improve is to speak with your current team. It is not uncommon to find a disparity between how you think your dental laboratory is seen by employees and what they actually think.

That is why you should regularly conduct internal audits and surveys to find out what your employees love and where there are areas for improvement.

3) Focus on developing your company culture

Recent research has shown that 83% of millennials are actively engaged by organizations that foster inclusivity. That is why working to ensure you are creating a diverse and inclusive team will help you to not only strengthen your existing team but also make you more appealing to the best future talent.

4) Cultivate your onboarding

Your onboarding process for new recruits is one of the most important factors for any dental laboratory. A negative onboarding experience means new recruits are twice as likely to start searching for a different opportunity.

That is why it is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that you are giving your new dental technicians the very best welcome, giving them the tools and instructions needed to excel.

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