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Evaluating the Enhanced CPD scheme for dental professionals

By GDC/DTA | 6th July 2023 | News

The Enhanced CPD scheme was introduced in 2018, establishing a more flexible and personalised approach to lifelong learning for the dental team. Five years on, GDC asked Cardiff University to evaluate the scheme to help us understand the experiences of dental professionals, and how the scheme has been operating in practice.

GDC findings indicate that the vast majority of dental professionals do not find the Enhanced CPD requirements difficult to achieve and that compliance rates are high. There are however indications that further guidance could improve understanding of some key features , including Personal Development Plans, grace periods at the end of a CPD cycle, and the application of recommended topics .

GDC found that many dental professionals are motivated by their own sense of professionalism and desire to learn, but the view was not universal. The findings also suggest that some registrants take a more compliance-based approach to CPD, completing the minimum number of verifiable CPD hours, with limited regard for the quality of the activity or relevance to their own learning or development needs.

GDC will now look at how we can improve understanding of key features of the Enhanced CPD scheme, and use the findings to inform discussions exploring any potential future changes that encourage the uptake of valuable CPD activities.

Find out more about the evaluation of the Enhanced CPD scheme.

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