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First DTA Fellowship Awarded

By DTA | 17th May 2022 | News

Dental technologist Jo Stevenson receives first DTA Fellowship Award at DTS

On Saturday the 14th May during the 2022 Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) Dental Technologists Association President Delroy Reeves, Deputy President Dominika Krowiarz, and Professor Nairn Wilson, a valued member of the selection panel, came together to celebrate technologist Jo Stevenson becoming the first ever person to be awarded a DTA Fellowship.

Delroy explained: "The Fellowship has been created to recognise the skills of our experienced members in manufacturing high-quality, custom-made dental devices, and to highlight their position as essential members of the dental team. We ask that applicants have at least three years continuous good standing in the profession and are full members of the DTA.

"To be considered for the award Jo put forward examples of her work including high quality images and a written explanation of her technique plus her reflection on that particular case. Her submission was judged by an expert dental panel and was published in the association's peer-reviewed journal The Technologist. We are proud to present Jo with her Fellowship and want to congratulate her on being the first of many. Well done and very well deserved."

The new DTA Fellowship Award is currently running in a pilot phase and expressions of interest are being accepted for the implementation phase. Those who have been accepted for the Fellowship can then go on to become DTA Masters. To submit an application, you must write to the DTA office using the following address: New Fellowship, PO Box 1318, Cheltenham GL50 9EA.

After receiving her award Jo added: "All too often we work in a kind of vacuum. Sitting at our workbenches can feel isolating. It was very useful to get honest and in-depth feedback from my peers, and going through the Fellowship process not only helped me deepen my respect for my own work but it also supported my respect for my fellows.

"I'm sure that earning this prestigious Fellowship will also benefit my career if I should consider moving on to a new lab or even if I decide to open my own lab in the future. This Fellowship is a cast iron acknowledgement of my work - presented by people who truly understand the importance of what we do. It's something I'm very proud to add to my CV."

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