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Focus on back-to-basics approaches

By DTA | 25th September 2020 | News

 We have launched a new feature in the August 2020 edition of The Technologist that focuses on back-to-basics approaches.

We welcome and encourage the sharing of members' expertise and would encourage you to contribute to these pages. It's open to anyone with the will and desire to share their work and we will support you through the process all the way.  

Not sure what to write an article about? DTA Council member Joanne Stevenson suggests thinking of what you are proud of, what has not gone so well, showcase something you are good at, or share a walkthrough of a process regularly undertaken in your dental laboratory. So, the next time you are just about to start a new job, get out your camera and shoot at each stage of the process and share with your peers in the pages of TT.

Author guidelines for The Technologist /Articulate

  1. Write your article within a Word document, which should be a maximum of 8 pages. Use font size 12. 
  2. Begin with a title, name of the author/authors, and an email address for contact. 
  3. The article should be single-line spaced.
  4. Create a short opening overview to the article, which highlights what the article is going to be about. For example, 'This article will highlight the fabrication of an implant-retained denture ...'
  5. Next, write the main body of text for the article. Or, if the thrust of the article is a visual-led walkthrough of the process, write a short paragraph explaining each step.
  6. Include images, as they are key for any publication, especially when it is in relation to a technique. As they say, a picture can explain  a thousand words.  Include these within your article and make sure that they are good quality and not blurred. A maximum of 15 images can be used for publication.
  7. Include a reference list if you cite or highlight any previous publications. If you are using a reference list, then it should follow Harvard referencing style.  How to Harvard reference:

If you are citing from a book:

In the text of your article, you place the name, year and page number. For example:

■ Griffin (2018, p. 62) reported that ...

Within the reference list, you write the following:

■ Author(s), Year of publication, Title of book, Edition, Place of Publication, Publisher

If you are citing a journal article:

In the text of your article, you place the name of the author and the year. If more than three authors, use the first three authors followed by 'et al.' 

■ Single author e.g. Smith (2018) 

■ More than three authors e.g. Smith, Jones, Griffin et al. (2018) 

Within the reference list, you write the following:

■ Author(s), Year of publication, Title of article, Journal title (in italics), volume/issue number, pages.

  1. Always include any acknowledgements e.g. colleagues who have worked with you on the article or the appliance that you are  writing about
  2. Draft between 5-10 CPD questions (5 questions for articles of 750 words or less and 10 questions for articles of more than 750 words) with four possible answers each (a, b, c, d). You know the format! 
  3. Once completed, send the article to the editorial team at
  4. We will then get back to you once it has been reviewed. During this process, the editorial team will work with you on your article ensuring you are happy with any alterations.
  5. Payment is on publication!

Watch this clip for more information 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the editorial team via email at

■ Alternatively, please call 01242 461 931 and a member of the team will respond to your query or pass it on to someone who can.

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