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GDC looking for registrants and particularly DCPs for its Fitness to Practice panel

By DTA | 26th April 2023 | Jobs

Fitness to Practise Panellist (Associate)

Expand your skills and horizons, while making a vital contribution to patient safety and public confidence in dental professionals

The GDC are offering a unique and flexible role, where you will be able to expand your career horizons and sharpen your skills, all while making a vital contribution to patient safety and public confidence in dental professionals across the UK.

The General Dental Council, are the UK regulator for dental professionals. Their role includes investigating patient concerns about professionals and coming to determinations about their fitness to practise dentistry in the UK. These decisions are made by members of their statutory committees at public adjudication hearings held by the Dental Professionals Hearings Service. Those who hear their cases and sit on our committees are drawn from an independent fitness to practise panel.

The GDC are seeking around 40 new people to join their panel.

They're looking for both lay people and dental professionals from a range of backgrounds. If you're interested in applying for this role, the details are as follows:

  • Paid at a daily rate of £353.
  • Need to commit to approximately 25 weekdays per year.
  • Available on weekdays for a minimum of one week and up to three weeks at a time.
  • Able to take part in remote hearings, which includes having a reliable internet connection.
  • Some travel to London for in-person hearings, with expenses reimbursed.
  • Induction and annual development workshops will be provided.

No two hearings are the same, making this an interesting and stimulating role for anyone interested in healthcare or legal matters. If successful, your analytical skills will be put to the test. You will learn about professional regulation and how we work to protect the public and maintain public confidence in the dental professions.

You will be working as part of a team, and will share in the opportunity to learn from others. We offer time to reflect and to develop, boosting your confidence in the role, and building skills for your future career.

If you're a dental professional, you will be asked to utilise your knowledge of dentistry and have the opportunity to take what you learn back to your dental practice.

They are looking for people who are able to demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

  • Understanding and interpreting rules, standards and guidance.
  • Working with complex and sensitive issues.
  • Collaboration and professional communication skills.
  • Embodying the values of fairness, integrity and respect.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development.

This is a self-employed role, designed to fit around your current work commitments, but please consider discussing the role with your employer before you apply. 

For more information on how to apply for this role CLICK HERE .

Applications close: 10th May 2023

1) The application will take hours to complete and includes responding to a FtP case study.

2) The short listing will select from probably 500 applicants.

3) The three stage interviews are very demanding and include an interactive scenario with two other candidates. To see how the applicant interacts.

4) The level of applicants can be Ex Judges, Ex Police Chiefs, and Ex high level Civil Servants etc will be the Lay applicants.

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