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Total number of UK registered dental care professionals increases following renewal

By GDC | 16th August 2023 | News

GDC have today released details of the number of dental care professionals (DCPs) on the UK Register. Following the recent annual renewal period, the number has risen when compared with the trajectory of previous years. On the morning after removals, there were 71,769 DCPs on the Register, an increase of 2,093 on the equivalent figure for 2022.

The statistics were announced today and can be accessed in-depth on the GDC website.

This year GDC provided more profession-level information than previously, and they are providing a breakdown of removals by professional title for the last five years.

Given the understandable interest in the size of the dental workforce, it's good to be able to provide more information this year, showing that numbers of dental care professionals removed from the Register this year were lower than last year for almost all professional titles.

Of course, GDC can't say what type of work they are doing or whether this is private or NHS but, with support from stakeholders, GDC intend to gather more insight in future annual renewals.

GDC publish monthly and annual registration reports, which provide further information, with the annual data for 2022 published in May.

Reminder for dental care professionals to submit their annual CPD statement

The CPD cycle year is ending for all dental care professionals, and they are required to submit a statement to GDC by 28 August 2023.

The statement should detail the number of CPD hours they have completed during this year. Registrants can log into their eGDC account where they will be able to edit and submit their annual statement.

Full details of CPD requirements can be found on the GDC website.

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