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GDC Registration application fees from 1 January 2023

By GDC | 2nd November 2022 | News

In each of the past three years, between six and eight thousand dental professionals have joined the GDC register for the first time, when they each pay a one-off fee to cover the costs relating to their application. Since the introduction of registration application in 2020, GDC have identified further costs which have continued to be met by those already on the register. GDC aim to allocate the costs of regulation, as far as possible, where they fall.

One of their most important responsibilities is to ensure those on our registers have the skills, qualifications and professional characteristics required to ensure the safety of the public. The work they do to process and assess applications is therefore very important, and it's right that the costs are charged to people joining the register, rather than those who are already registered.

The new fees will apply from 1 January 2023.

You can find out more, including fee levels on the GDC website.

Read the full GDC update.

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