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Identifying and reporting potential terrorist activity

By DTA | 29th November 2021 | News

Recent events in the UK and around the world remind us all of the terrorist threat we face, which in the UK is considered as 'SEVERE', meaning an attack is highly likely. The cooperation between the public and the police is a powerful defence. Consequently, in recent years, attacks have been prevented and lives have been saved.

Counter Terrorism Police North West say:

"We have said for many years that Communities Defeat Terrorism, and the help and support we get from the public is a vital part of that. So we would urge everyone to remain vigilant, and if you do see anything suspicious then please report it, in confidence, to police via the Anti-terrorist hotline or . It won't ruin lives, but it may well save them."

Terrorists have to plan and prepare to commit attacks; this involves researching possible targets, communicating with fellow extremists, obtaining, stockpiling or storing weapons and materials, carrying out surveillance and doing "dry-runs".

Counter Terrorism Policing depend on information from the public. "They can be our eyes and ears, and help keep themselves, neighbours and communities safe by reporting suspicious activity or behaviour."

Counter Terrorism Policing and The Home Office have asked Councils to share some key messages with local businesses to help increase awareness of the role that everyone can play in identifying and reporting potential terrorist activity.

Businesses are being encouraged to:

If you see something that doesn't look right, report in confidence at . You won't be wasting anyone's time. Communities Defeat Terrorism.

Free e-Learning course: ACT Awareness

ACT Awareness e-Learning is a new counter terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies- and now the general public.

Free to use, the course can be divided into short sections. However, it takes just 45 minutes in total to complete - 45 minutes that could save lives.

If you're a member of the general public or from a UK based company, you can sign up directly to the course online .

You can find out more about Counter Terrorism Policing and their Communities Defeat Terrorism campaign on their website .

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