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It's important to have the correct indemnity insurance

By DTA | 20th April 2021 | News

It is important to work within your scope of practice because if you don't you are called before the GDC's Fitness to Practice panel. The DTA has linked with UK Special Risks to provide cost effective professional indemnity insurance to meet the statutory requirement for our Dental Technician members. Here are a couple of examples of how having the right insurance in place can help you...

Scope of Practice

A formal GDC investigation was launched against the insured for fitness to practice. The allegations were that they had operated outside their 'scope of practice' and were referred to the Interim Orders Committee. They were to decide whether or not the insured could continue to practice while the investigation was ongoing. They had allegedly been selling home impression kits without referring to a dentist. While the GDC pursued an interim order of conditions for a period of 18 months, following representation by specialist counsel, no order was made. The following month, the committee decided that the case against the insured could not be proven and decided not to investigate further.

Costs met by the insurance company: £7,590

A Dental Lab

This was a GDC investigation against the insured regarding a complaint about two dental appliances they had made for a dentist. During the investigation, there arose a further allegation that the GDC were informed about regarding the possibility that there was an unlicensed practitioner at the dental laboratory. This was potentially a criminal investigation. After representation by specialist counsel appointed by the insurance company, the GDC concluded their formal assessment of the information received and decided not to refer this matter to the Investigating Committee. The GDC therefore closed their file and no further action was taken.

Costs met by the insurance company: £4,732.80

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