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New DTA President and Deputy President

By DTA | 30th March 2022 | News

During a Zoom Council meeting at the beginning of March Delroy Reeves was elected President of the Dental Technologists Association for a term of two years. He will be replacing Barry Tivey who steps down after a term of hard-won recognition for the status of technologists throughout the UK during an unprecedented two years. Dominika Krowiarz becomes Deputy President

Delroy is based in London where he runs a private dental laboratory. He gained his City and Guilds Final and Advanced BTEC at South London College in 1983 and 1986 respectively. Delroy has been working in dental technology for around 40 years, from his time in Jamaica where he worked in a men's store below a dental practice with a lab on its premises.

During his lunch breaks he would go up to the lab out of interest and observe the technicians at work, and occasionally he was asked to assist. A year and a half later the dental technician told Delroy he was leaving and said he had chosen him to be his successor. Delroy has never looked back and his passion for his profession has never waned.

Dominika qualified as a dental technician in Poland in 2011, then studied for a BSc in Promotion of Health. After moving to the UK Dominika began working as a dental technician in Phoenix Dental Casting, specialising in removable prosthetics. Early in 2020 Dominika opened her own dental laboratory, Dentika Solutions in Bristol.

Shortly afterwards and looking to expend her business Dominika acquired Clifton Dental Ceramics, saying that she had, 'a vision to enhance the dental technical profession and to build a stronger more recognisable brand within her industry'.

Speaking of his election Delroy said: "I am looking forward to my two-year term as President while being very aware that my predecessor and friend Mr Barry Tivey (above) has left me with a big pair of shoes to fill. Barry, I will work hard to strengthen and build on your legacy while continuing to advance the tremendous work the DTA has done for its members.

"Future developments in dental technology can only be achieved through worthwhile education, scientific understanding, research, and training. We technologists play a valuable role in the dental team, and the DTA reflects that role as a vibrant, progressive, professional organisation.

"The DTA has become the quintessential model of ideals first set out by those true visionaries who have made this association what it is today; more than just a vision, but a beacon that illuminates the values and aspirations of dental technologists throughout the UK."

"I would like to express my thanks to all my Council colleagues who have shown their trust and confidence in me by voting me into my second term in the Presidential hot seat, thank-you.

"I ask that you support me in continuing to maintain the highest standards of the DTA for the sake of not only our existing membership but also those technicians who are seriously thinking of joining, we welcome you.

"Students currently in training will soon be joining an ever-evolving, dynamic profession, and we are proud to also support you. In fact, the DTA has grown to be the exemplar for every aspect of dental technology - we are your voice - and we are proud to be your representative organisation."

Deputy President Dominika Krowiarz added: "My main reason for joining the DTA was in the hope that maybe I could help unite dental technicians to support each other, to share their information, experience and knowledge.

"I hope I'll be able to push the idea of just how important we are as dental technicians, and spread the word that we are hands-on and skilled members of the dental team. We design and manufacture dental devices from full dentures to crowns, and consistently work to the highest standards.

"I want to stress how important we are to the dental profession. I listen to what people say about our profession and also how we feel about it, so, I see part of our role as trying to encourage our members, so they can be proud and confident in their own abilities."

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