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Oral Health Foundation - Join our movement for better oral health in the UK

By Oral Health Foundation | 3rd July 2024 | News

Launching our oral health manifesto

As we gear up for the 2024 General Election, the Oral Health Foundation is excited to share our manifesto: 'Prevention, care, education: A people's manifesto for improved oral health in the UK.'

We believe that oral health is a fundamental right and should be at the forefront of our national healthcare dialogue. Our manifesto calls on the future government, regardless of the outcome, to recognise and prioritise oral health as an integral part of overall well-being.

Download Manifesto 

In the manifesto, we have set out three pillars that we believe should guide political discussions of oral health. They are:

• Preventive measures: We advocate for measures like water fluoridation, daily oral care routines, regular dental visits, and fluoride treatments to prevent disease.

• Access to high-quality care: We call for a new NHS Dental Contract and support an integrated healthcare system that provides effective dental care for everyone.

• Investment in education: We want to see the knowledge gap close, with educational programmes targeting children and marginalised communities.

In the manifesto, we set out 10 policies to improve oral health in the UK. This ranges from getting tough on sugar to supporting a dental workforce that needs the populations needs.

Your Role

Your voice is crucial. By supporting our manifesto, you can help make oral health a priority. Download it, share it with your local election candidates , and spread the word on social media.

By sharing this manifesto with policymakers, you help elevate oral health on their agenda.

Sample Social Media Posts

• "Dear [Candidate], please support @dentalhealthorg's manifesto for better oral health. #OralHealthPriority  

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