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Preparedness for Practice of UK Graduates Report 2020 by the GDC

By DTA | 19th August 2020 | News

The GDC have published two reports, Preparedness for Practice of UK Graduates Report 2020 which is their first education quality assurance thematic review, focusing on the preparedness for practice of UK trained dental students at graduation and Preparedness for Practice: A Rapid Evidence Assessment for which they commissioned the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) to conduct the REA which formed part of the evidence base for our thematic review

The GDC report finding areas where preparedness could be enhanced, however that their review found no evidence to suggest graduates are unsafe.

Some other key findings from the thematic review include:

  • both trainees and supervisors feel there should be more clinical experience at undergraduate level, although the review found there are barriers which prevent this from happening
  • supervisors and trainees have different expectations when it comes to new dentists' skills and abilities
  • there may not always be shared understanding around what a safe beginner looks like.

The full report, as well as ADEE's Rapid Evidence Assessment, can be found on the GDC website here .

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