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PSA review of the General Dental Council’s performance for 2022/23

By DTA/PSA | 11th January 2024 | News

The Public Standards Agency (PSA) has published it's annual performance review of the General Dental Council (GDC). During 2022/23, they monitored the GDC's performance against the Standards of Good Regulation (the Standards).

PSA say:

"For this period, the GDC has met 16 out of the 18 Standards. Our report explains how we made our decision.

The GDC did not meet one of our four registration Standards, due to the time it is taking to process applications. Some factors which have contributed to that increase are outside the GDC's direct control and the GDC has put in place measures to improve its performance. We will monitor the impact of these measures on the timeliness of its registration processes.

The GDC did not meet our Standard for timeliness in fitness to practise because it is still taking too long to deal with cases. We will monitor the GDC's work to improve its performance in this area.

The performance review is our check on how well the regulators have been protecting the public and promoting confidence in the health and care professions. We do this by assessing their performance against our Standards. The judgements we make against each Standard incorporate a range of evidence to form an overall picture of performance. Meeting a Standard means that we are satisfied that a regulator is performing well in that area.

In January 2022, we implemented a new performance review approach, starting with the 2021/22 round of reviews. In the new process, we undertake a 'periodic review' of each regulator every three years. This is our opportunity to look closely at all aspects of the regulator's work. Between these reviews, we monitor their performance, focusing on areas of risk. This year, we undertook a monitoring review of the GDC. Additionally, we spoke with a range of stakeholders who had engaged with the GDC during the review period in order to get their perspectives on its performance."

Read the full PSA Report.

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