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Public Consultation on Water Fluoridation Schemes

By DTA | 26th April 2022 | News

 Subject to its passage through Parliament, the Health and Care Bill will transfer the power to initiate, vary or terminate water fluoridation schemes from local authorities to the Secretary of State.

There will also be a legal duty on the Secretary of State to undertake a formal public consultation on future water fluoridation proposals. Secondary legislation that will be brought forward later in the year will set out the consultation process.

In order to inform that legislation, the Department of Health and Social Care has launched a public consultation seeking views on how we propose to consult on future water fluoridation schemes.

The consultation will run from 8th April to 3rd June and is available here: Water fluoridation: seeking views on future consultation process - GOV.UK ( 

The latest Water Fluoridation Health Monitoring Report was published on 21st March 2022 and is available here: 

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