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Smart Integration Award

By DTA | 14th April 2021 | News

Dentsply Sirona's second Smart Integration Award competition is now open for entries. The competition underlines Dentsply Sirona's commitment to the advancement of women in dentistry by showcasing and honouring their novel treatment concepts and ideas for the future. The award celebrates the achievements of women in dentistry.

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Charlotte, April 12, 2021. The application phase for Dentsply Sirona's second Smart Integration Award starts on Monday, April 12, 2021. The award recognizes visionary treatment concepts and outstanding achievements by women in dentistry and creates a platform for an international network of talented female dental experts.

This year, for the first time, not only female dentists but also female dental technicians are invited to apply by June 28, 2021 with their ideas for collaboration between the practice and the dental lab. A jury of Dentsply Sirona executives and renowned external experts will evaluate the entries. The award ceremony is scheduled for the end of the year 2021.

"We want to support women in all areas of dentistry by ensuring we understand their needs and support the development of their skills. The visionary thinking of talented female dental professionals drive innovation in dentistry and help deliver the best patient experience," said Lisa Yankie, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer & Communications at Dentsply Sirona.

Advancing digital dental technology through a dialogue with users

The Smart Integration Award honours creative ideas and successful treatment concepts of female dental experts. These include, for example, ideas on how to improve the treatment experience for patients during diagnosis and therapy or on how optimally networked and efficient workflows could look in the practices and dental labs of tomorrow.

"With the Smart Integration Award, we want to integrate the expertise and visions of female dental experts even more strongly into product development," said Susanne Schmidinger, Director Global Brand Marketing Enabling Devices at Dentsply Sirona Digital Solutions Marketing. "In many countries, today, over 50 percent of students at dental faculties are women, with a rising tendency. It is important to enter into dialogue with female dentists and especially with young dental professionals. Their creative potential will significantly influence the future of dentistry," Susanne explained. "Dental experts who embrace change and progress are invaluable partners in helping us to develop future innovations that serve the needs of practitioners in every detail."

The award was first introduced by Dentsply Sirona in November 2019. 24 award winners were recognized for their unique success stories and contribution to more efficient and practical workflows at treatment centres.

Dr. Ginal Bilimoria, Smart Integration Award 2019 winner from Auckland, New Zealand said that, "The concept of the Award intrigued me. It was about efficient, intelligent and integrated workflows using smart networked processes; something I was interested in. And I love the idea of the Award being open to women from all over the world. When a group of women get together to discuss dentistry, the dynamic is often quite different as we open up and share more easily about our struggles and successes."

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