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Starting a new year of CPD for 2021-2022

By DTA | 2nd August 2021 | News

Your 2020-2021 CPD cycle has now come to an end. The GDC requests that you submit a statement by 28th August 2021, if you have not already done so. You will not need to submit your records, you do however, need to keep them safe just in case the GDC ask you for your evidence. If you have any concerns or problems, you can contact the GDC direct by calling their helpline, 02071676000, or by sending an email to

Here are some simple steps to help you when starting your new year of CPD:

  1. Make sure you download your files from your 2020/2021 logbook.
  2. Save your CPD certificates to your computer.
  3. Add to and update your personal development plan for the year ahead.
  4. You can now start taking CPD for your new 2021/2022 cycle year.

Remember, on average dental technicians should complete around 10 hours of CPD per year and the GDC state that you must complete at least 10 hours over a two-year  period.

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