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Starting your new year of CPD

By DTA | 1st August 2020 | Blog

Your 2019-2020 CPD cycle year has now come to an end and you are required to submit a statement to the GDC by 28 August 2020, if you haven't done so already. You don't need to submit your records, but you do need to keep them safe just in case the GDC asks for your actual evidence. If you have any problems, contact the GDC immediately on its helpline 020 7167 6000 or by email Continue reading for steps to starting your new year of CPD.

Here are some steps to starting your new year of CPD:

  1. Download and file your 2019/2020 logbook and CPD certificates and save a copy to your computer. You could also print and file a copy.
  2. Update and add to your personal development plan for the year ahead.
  3. Start taking CPD for your new 2020/2021 cycle year.

Start your new cycle year with the August issue of The Technologist with over 5 hours of CPD articles including:

  • Infection control: dental technology in the time of COVID-19
  • Denture adhesives- a round-up
  • Digital and AI in dentistry
  • Back to basics: an introduction to model making
  • HR facts: that's not acceptable!

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