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Submitting Your End of Cycle CPD Statement 'Are you indemnified' box

By DTA | 30th June 2023 | News

GDC guidance on indemnity. 

There is a section specific to dental technicians in the guidance which states that in some cases, technicians who have no direct contact with patients, may be covered by their workplace's insurance policies. However, such policies may not provide protection if a technician were to do something which leads to a fitness to practise allegation or a disciplinary process.

Dental technicians who are relying on their workplace's policy are also responsible to ensure that they are appropriately covered for all of the tasks that they are doing.

It is up to the registrant to decide which type of cover would be the most appropriate to suit their needs and as such, we are unable to confirm whether registrants should tick the box or not/on type of cover.

GDC Guidance on indemnity.

DTA would encourage you to check if your employer policy covers you for legal expenses, and if not you may want to purchase separate policy to cover this.

We would also like to remind our members that you have access to a free legal helpline.

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