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The fundamentals of dental technology

By DTA | 1st October 2020 | News

The editorial team met via Zoom in June to plan DTA publications for the year ahead and to help us we reviewed the valuable CPD article feedback that we received from you.

We recently published an article on a duplicate denture technique and received a wealth of positive feedback from so many of you. It was clear that you valued, enjoyed and benefitted from this style of article and so our aim is to keep them coming in every edition of TT - if possible.

Look out for the new Back-to-Basics stamp featured on CPD articles in TT that focus on the fundamentals of dental technology, on basic techniques. The articles are primarily aimed at students and newly qualified dental technicians, but you experienced registrants might enjoy the nostalgia, and who knows, maybe a refresher of some of the basics couldn't hurt! 

In this edition of TT, we have our first in the Back-to-Basics series. On page 32 we have the first article by DTA student member Jermaine Jones with an 'Introduction to model making'. This is Jermaine's first article, and as a student, it would be great if you had any tips, you could share them in your CPD feedback. Pooling the knowledge of  experienced technologists and sharing it with our student base would be just great! We would happily dedicate space in future TT pages to such a positive initiative. 

And that's where you come in - you knew there was a catch! 

If you are a fan of this style of article, then support us, your colleagues and earn some extra money to boot by sending us your own back-to-basics approach to a technique  used in your dental laboratory. Take some step-by-step photos of your process, write a few lines explaining your approach and send to . Our editorial team will get in touch to help get the article ready for publication.

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