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Uchenna Okoye - Dentistry in the spotlight

By DTA | 6th May 2021 | News

Uchenna Okoye shares some insight into her role as a dental expert on the TV programme 10 Years Younger.

She first got involved with 10 Years Younger when the producers approached her about 15 years ago. The series was recently bought and revived after a decade break by Channel 5, who asked her to return as the dental expert.

Uchenna works with Tony Knight a DTA Fellowships Award winner in 2018! Uchenna mentioned in the interview that "regardless of my skills and experience, I am only as good as the dental laboratory I work with - in practice and for the TV programme. I'm very aware that the dental technician has to deliver the results I aspire to for my patients. It's a big ask for a lab to get involved in something like this. That's why I work with Knight Dental Design Laboratory in London.

I have worked with Tony Knight and his team for over 19 years. I needed someone I could trust to just get on with the job and who didn't need extra support and extensive explanations from me to provide the level of function and aesthetics I was looking for. He has been in the business for a long time and is more than capable of picking up a case and running with it. He understands that I don't like cutting teeth and, whilst that's more difficult for him, he knows how to work with me."

Uchenna also states that "excellence in dentistry is about relationships, between dentist and technician, dentist and patient, and dentist and production team. Collaboration needs to be seamless to keep everyone happy. After that, stay grounded, stick to the basics, do what you do and do it well".

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