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Understanding the Enhanced CPD Scheme

By GDC | 21st April 2021 | News

Check now to ensure you will meet the 10 hours over 2 years CPD requirement

All Dental Technologists should check now to ensure they are on track to meet the minimum CPD requirements for maintaining GDC registration before the end of the CPD year on 31 July 2021. This includes the need to comply with the 10 hours over two-years rule and making an annual CPD statement.

The Enhanced CPD Scheme requires all dental professionals to complete a minimum of 10 hours of verifiable CPD over each consecutive two-year period, including any two-years that span more than one CPD cycle. This means in one year you could do no CPD activity, but in the following year, you would need to complete 10 hours of CPD to meet the requirements. This rule has been introduced to help ensure CPD is spread out over the full five-year cycle, and is the reason you are asked to make a CPD statement each year at annual renewal time.

You must meet these requirements to maintain your GDC registration. The only exception is those who are new onto the register, so have not yet started a CPD cycle. Please check the number of CPD hours you logged last year on your eGDC account , and the number done so far this year, to ensure you are able to meet the minimum requirements.

If there is shortfall due to COVID-19, please do all that you can to be compliant by the end of the CPD year. However, if this proves not to be possible for reasons related to COVID-19, the GDC will take your exceptional circumstances into account. You might also consider applying for a grace period if you need more time to complete your CPD, but you need to apply for this in writing before the 31 July deadline.

Further guidance on CPD requirements and the rules of the Enhanced CPD scheme  are available from the GDC website, which includes tools to help record and submit CPD. For further information or advice on CPD requirements please contact the GDC .

The full guidance on the Enhanced CPD scheme 2018  can be found on the GDC website.

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