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Upcoming Self Assessment Deadline and Support

By DTA | 12th January 2021 | News

You have to submit a Self Assessment by 31 January whether you're a sole trader, in a business partnership, or run a limited company.

The deadline is earlier if you're filing a paper return, on 31 October.

You file your return for the previous tax year. So you need to file a return and pay your bill for tax year 2019-2020 by 31 January 2021. 

There's lots of guidance on the website and you can also call the Self Assessment helpline on (0300) 200 3310. But make sure you leave enough time to get in touch with them if you need to.

Help for businesses struggling to pay the 2019-2020 tax bill

The government recognises that many small businesses have had a difficult year, so there's support if you think you'll struggle to pay your tax bill on time.

If you've got a bill between

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