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Update Webinars: The investment and property markets - How do I make sense of what is happening?

By DTA | 20th October 2023 | News


Iain Stevenson, Head of Dental, Wesleyan; Martin Lawrence, Director of Investments, Wesleyan and Joe Curlett, Head of Property, Wesleyan

Aims and objectives:

We will discuss current Interest and Inflation rates and what the stats are telling us about their future direction

We will discuss what that means for both the investment market and the commercial property values and rent yields over the short, medium and long term

We will discuss how investment returns have been impacted by the high inflation, high interest economy, and what that tells us about the future of investment returns

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will come away with a good understanding of what has been happening with interest rates and inflation, and where we feel they are likely to head in future. We will discuss what this means for investment prospects in traditional investments as well as the commercial property market. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the things they should be considering when investing in capital or property in the current market.

This CPD course meets the criteria for the GDC's development outcomes C

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Speakers profiles:

Iain Stevenson is a Senior Area Manager with Wesleyan joining from Aviva in 2003 where he was a Senior Financial Consultant working largely in the Corporate sector.

For 10 years, he managed a team of Specialist Financial Consultants working solely with Dentists and Dental Practices covering North Wales, North West England, Northern Ireland and the whole of Scotland. Since 2015, Iain has managed a team providing specialist financial advice to GPs, Doctors and Dentists.

Martin Lawrence joined Wesleyan in 1995 as an Investment Analyst, after graduating from the University of Exeter with a degree in Mathematics, and he subsequently qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society of the UK. He became a Fund Manager in 2001.

For 20 years, he managed several Wesleyan funds, including its multi-asset With Profits Fund, which he managed until the end of December 2020. As Director of Investments at Wesleyan, Martin is responsible for overseeing the management of Wesleyan's funds and award-winning in-house Investments team, including our Fund and Property Managers and Analysts.

Martin is also a Director of Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers Ltd.

Joe Curlett is responsible for all aspects of the Society's commercial property investment holdings, maintaining a portfolio of properties located throughout the whole of the UK with support from a team of Property Managers. He holds a degree in Estate Management and is a fully qualified chartered surveyor. Joe previously worked as an Asset Manager for a well-known UK property company and for several property consultants, providing advice to landlords.

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