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'Where risk allows, it's business as usual' Chief Dental Officer England

By DTA | 28th September 2020 | News

The DTA continue to participate in regular COVID-19 workshops with the Chief Dental Officer England. Last Thursday, 24 September, an extraordinary meeting was called for Sara Hurley to provide a brief update following the announcement made by the government on 22 September to confirm what the implications are for dental services following the change in risk to a National Alert Level 4 and how to manage local outbreaks.

Sara Hurley confirmed that currently, public health measures permit travel for the public (including access to dental care) and where risk allows, it's business as usual. Non-urgent aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are to continue at this stage, the Dental standard operating procedure: Transition to recovery (SOPs) released 28 August are still current and Sara reiterated that they are confident in the PPE supply to maintain access to dental care.

In the event of a local outbreak, local direction will be given by the NHSE/I Region and their guidance will take precedent.

The DTA urge all dental laboratories to review their own contingency plans in preparation of a local lockdown and ensure risk assessments are completed and regularly reviewed by all staff.

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