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Your annual renewal period 2024

By GDC | 22nd May 2024 | News

Dental technologists, it's nearly time for you to complete your annual renewal. This year, your renewal opens on 10 June and closes on 31 July 2024. In that time, you'll need to make sure you've done three things: paid your Annual Retention Fee (ARF), checked you have indemnity cover in place, and that you've completed your minimum number of CPD hours. This can all be done via your eGDC profile, and you can log in at any time to check how many hours of CPD you need to complete. Dental technicians must complete at least 50 hours for each CPD cycle, and clinical dental technicians need to do at least 75 hours.

You can make your CPD statement after the 31 July renewal deadline, but it must be submitted by 28 August. Remember that any CPD you do, on or after 1 August, will count towards the following year. You don't have to complete CPD hours every year, but you do have to make a statement, and do at least 10 hours of CPD in every two-year period.

If you've not completed any CPD during the year, record zero hours when you make your statement and make sure you do enough CPD (at least 10 hours) in the following year to meet the minimum requirements. Even if you are in the first year of a new CPD cycle, you must make sure you have completed at least 10 hours of verifiable CPD over the last two years.

You are responsible for obtaining the necessary evidence from your CPD providers. You should check that your provider will give you the evidence you need for verifiable CPD before completing it. You can find out more about the evidence you need in the GDC's enhanced CPD guidance .

Alongside your renewal this year, the GDC will ask you to answer a short voluntary survey on your working patterns. It's a small number of questions about how you work, where you work and how long you work for each week. Dentists were asked the same questions in their renewal in 2023, and 25,159 of them (57% of all those registered) responded. The GDC released the survey result s in March.

This work follows the GDC's commitment to help the sector better understand its access challenges and illustrate the public debate on the dental workforce. The dentist survey results, and the information you provide when you complete the survey as part of your renewal process this year, can help improve the sector's understanding of dental professionals' working patterns and help provide important insight into the issues affecting DCPs and patients. It takes five minutes to fill in.

According to the latest numbers, there are 427 clinical dental technicians and just over 5,000 dental technicians on the register. If you all complete the survey we will get a much better picture of the workforce challenges that our profession faces.

Remember, you must make sure you pay your annual retention fee, provide your CPD statement and confirm you have indemnity to stay on the register. Completing these steps mean that those of you who want to stay on the register can do so, and you can keep delivering great dental care and technology for your patients.

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