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Technicians Make It Happen

DTA former board members


New campaign aims to promote the vital work of technicians


The need for newly qualified technicians has never been greater. The UK currently struggles to replace those retiring each year, let alone fill the new opportunities opening up to meet the demand of employers. The pathways to becoming a technician are often confusing and young people are not aware of the tens of thousands of great technician jobs that could be open to them.


Technicians Make it Happen – supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation – will be launched in April 2016 and seeks to challenge outdated notions of who our nation's technicians are and what they do.The campaign aims to raise awareness and perceptions of the role technicians play in driving the UK economy, and encourage and educate young people with a talent for STEM subjects, their teachers and parents, to consider the benefits of a career as a technician.


The campaign will launch with an exhibition of technician photographs, paintings and videos, at the Mall Galleries in London from the 4th to 9th April 2016 (https://www.facebook.com/events/1672777186296159/). The exhibition will also be filmed in 360-degree video. This will create a virtual reality exhibition that can be easily taken around the country to schools, colleges and events to celebrate technicians and inspire young people to consider technician roles across the UK.


Case studies of technicians in various roles across exciting and innovative industries will be available on the website, www.technicians.org.uk, as well as across social media. Technicians Make it Happen aims to showcase technicians roles across UK industry – whether that be games design, aerospace engineering or pharmaceutical development.


Case studies, videos and other content will be developed and shared for the next two years and we'd love to feature technicians working in the dental industry. If you are interested and would like to learn more about the campaign, please contact kate.ford@gatsby.org.uk.


Downloads available: